The DGC-II has been designed for intraoperative detection of increased radioactivity uptake areas.
The DGC-II system comprises a Detector Probe and a Control and Visualization Unit.
The Detector Probe has more sensitivity and better spatial resolution than required for the accurate identification of hot spots like sentinel lymph nodes and other small hot points inherent to radio guided surgery.

The Probe Head contains a CdTe (Zn) crystal surrounded by a tungsten shielding – collimator assembly. A low noise preamplifier is located into the Probe handle, to adequate the signals produced at the crystal every time it is reached by a gamma ray.
The Control and Visualization Unit receives such signals and, after analyzing it, shows digitally the count rate on a large numeric display. In addition to this, the read out is accomplished also by an audible signal and a bar LEDs array where the number of bars lit is proportional to the count rate. The Control and Visualization Unit is supplied only by a built in recargable battery. No mains cable is present while operating.

The DGC-II is capable of detecting different nuclides commonly used in nuclear medicine. The standard option is factory adjusted for Tc-99m.

Model DGC-II and Probe is registered by the ANMAT (Argentinean Sanitary Authority - Registry PM-916-1)